Why Did We Become a Sponsor?

When it comes to creating an ideal living environment, materials matter. And... it also matters how those materials are used. ROBERN products feature solid aluminum construction, rich finishes, and fine materials such as soft leather, polished chrome, brushed nickel, and decorative glass. We have integrated thoughtful design features that consumers crave: night lights, integrated lighting, concealed electrical outlets, wire management, lock boxes, mirror defoggers, and and TViD™ to make life more comfortable. Because true luxury is about both style and function.

Products Guide

We provided vanities and mirrors for three bathrooms. A unique vanity for the childrens bathroom incorporates LED task lighting to limit light exposure at night to ensure a restful sleep. These unique products will showcase a variety of classic and modern styles, which are available for consumers with various budgets.

Our Brand

Robern is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of bathroom cabinets, vanities and mirrors. Owned by Kohler Companies, we are committed to quality, aesthetic design and unique offerings in various materials. In addition, we are committed to being an industry leader in the use of LED task lighting, storage options, and the use of unique materials and design. Visit our Website