Traveling Baby Co

Why Did We Become a Sponsor?

Great idea for a great cause! As we look around in our world today we see tragedy all around us and who are we to think it can never happen to us or to our neighbor? To be a part of helping this family especially in this manner is actually a privilege and exciting as well. We are really looking forward to the outcome and most of all the smiles that can come from yes, tragedy!!

Products Guide

Traveling Baby Company is a full service baby equipment rental network that delivers brand name baby equipment to families traveling around the U.S. on vacation. With approximately 30 cities and growing, over the past 9 years customers have been relying on Traveling Baby Company for their temporary use of cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, toys and so much more. We deliver to private residences, hotels, rental properties, airports and just about anywhere else it's needed.

Our Brand

The modo he is basically "why schlep it when you can rent it?" has become the go to web site for all your baby travel needs. We have now become a staple company for hotel concierge, rental property owners and moms around the globe for providing comfort for their kids.  Visit our Website