Eden Green Living

Why Did We Become a Sponsor?

The Ambers were committed after their tragic loss to rebuild an eco-friendly home. They chose Eden Green Living to design and install their landscape because our firm uses best green practices to create generations of beautiful sustainable landscapes. We were committed to create a green garden for the residence which reflected the care, effort and concern for the environment used in rebuilding their home.

Products Guide

The landscape design and installation of Eco-Bungalow-LA uses state of the art fundamentals which include smart irrigation controllers, water-wise irrigation design, beautiful, perennial, drought tolerant plants requiring little maintenance, large plating beds which edibles along with ornamentals, reducing the amount of sod in the landscape design.  Rich organize soils were used to prevent chemical exposure for pets and children.  Mulch was laid in planting beds to retain precious water resources while reducing the incidence of weeds.  Eco-smart landscapes are also affordable.

Our Brand

Jackie Kassorla, founder and CEO of Eden Green Living, is an Emmy award winning Home and Garden TV personality.  With 35 years of landscape design experience, she is a leader in the field.  Kassorla donates her time to create and develop eco-education green garden programs for schools and charities.  She lectures across the country on sustainable agriculture and green gardening.  Contact Us